Appendix 4: Clearing A Space Instruction

Modified*, ** by Zack Boukydis, Ph.D.

  1. Turn your attention to the CENTER OF YOUR BODY (where you tend to feel things/experiences).
  2. Ask yourself, "HOW AM I RIGHT NOW?" (Do not answer right away; just notice how you are, there {in the center of your body} for 15-30 seconds). There may be a word, words or an image which arise as you are paying attention.
  3. Now ask "IS THERE ANYTHING IN THE WAY OF FEELING OK, RIGHT NOW?" Don't answer quickly, --- let what comes in your body do the answering. Don’t answer quickly from your head. Wait for a FELT SENSE (in your body) of a concern (or concerns) to form.
  4. If there is a concern, (or concerns) Find A WORD, PHRASE, OR IMAGE that resonates with the quality of how the concern feels in your body.
  5. Imagine putting each concern ‘OUT OF YOUR BODY’ , i.e. up on a shelf in front of you. [the concern doesn’t disappear, but it is not ‘in the center of your body’]
  6. REPEAT steps 3-5 again until each concern has been placed outside your body.
  7. Now ask, “Except for these concerns, CAN I NOW FEEL OK? (FINE, WELL)
  8. If you are able to feel ok (or fine, well), NOTICE HOW THE ‘OK’ FEELS. Just stay with the feel of ‘ok’ there in your body. There may be a word, phrase, or image for this ‘ok-ness’. Repeat (or resonate) the word, or phrase and see how it relates to your body felt sense of ‘OK’

*Focusing. Eugene Gendlin (2007) New York: Bantam Books

** Focusing-Oriented Psychotherapy Eugene Gendlin (1996) New York: Guilford Press


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