Appendix 7: CLIP-I(initial) The Close Collaboration with Parents Program.

Modification from original Clinical Interview for Parents of High-Risk Infants by Meyer et al. (1993)

1. Infant’s Current Condition

“I wonder if you would tell me how your baby is doing now.”

2. Pregnancy Course

“I’d like to have you discuss a bit about your pregnancy. Let’s start with your initial reaction—What was that like? Overall, how was it for you physically? Emotionally? When did the pregnancy begin to seem real to you?”

3. Labor and Delivery

“Tell me about your labor and delivery. What were your thoughts? Feelings? Were you aware of having concerns about yourself during that time? About your baby? How did it compare with what you expected? Was your spouse (partner) with you in the labor? How that was for him?”

4. Baby’s Transition from Labor Room to the Unit

“Tell me about your baby’s transition from labor room to the neonatal intensive care unit. How did it go? What were your thoughts? Feelings? What about now, how do you feel about the transition? Was your spouse (partner) with your baby during transition? How that was for him; for you?”

5. Relationship with Baby and Feelings as a Parent:

“When did you see your baby for the first time? How did you react when you saw her/him? What is your baby like now? Do you feel your baby knows you? How do you feel about your baby? Have you had any feelings as if you are not sure your baby really belongs to you? How much you would like to take responsibility for the care of your baby during the hospitalization? Do you feel that you are now participating in and taking responsibility for your baby’s care in the way that you want? Do you feel that you would need more support or direction during the everyday care of your baby? How it is for you to go at home and leave your baby in the hospital? How does it feel to be at home now? ”

6. Relationship with Family and Social Support

“Who is in your family? What has this experience been for your spouse (partner). How has your relationship been affected? If the family has other children, you may ask. You have other children, could you tell me more about them? How have your other children reacted? What about the rest of the family; how have they reacted? Who (other family members, relatives, friends) is available to you for help and support at this time? Who could be providing most help for you right now? (The purpose of this question is more to check from whom this person can accept help.) Who provides emotional support for you? Who could provide emotional support if you felt you needed more support?

7. Reactions to the NICU Environment and Staff

“Describe your first reaction to the intensive care nursery. How have you experienced being  in the unit as a parent? From your point of view, what have been the positive aspects of the nursery? What have been the most negative aspects of the nursery? Is there something you would like to change in the care of your baby now? As a parent, do you have wishes for the staff concerning the care of your baby? What would you like the staff to change, or improve, related to the care of your baby?



You can read the CLIP-I(initial) text here online, or download a PDF file to print out and access offline during discussion with parents.

PDF Download

Access the PDF file for the CLIP-I(initial) here.

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