Appendix 9: Planning/preparing for hospital-to-home transition of preterm infants

Two examples of individual summaries regarding the baby’s care for transition to another hospital, written jointly with parents.

Example 1 Maiju February 14, 2012

My name is Maiju. I am a little girl. At the moment I am just over two months old. I was born at 27 +0 weeks of gestation and my weight at birth was 490 g. Now I weigh a little less than a kilo and a half. The first few weeks of my life were challenging, as I spent quite a long time on life support. At the moment I can manage breathing with a high-flow nasal cannula. At times my breathing still gets difficult, It takes me a lot of effort and energy to breath, and I still need supplemental oxygen. When they take care of me, I can make it fine with an oxygen mask / cannula or for a short time - with no extra support. I like it when they pat me and this contact is good for me. Now, I don’t need to be suctioned too often.

I still get milk mainly through my feeding tube, but I have already been practicing eating a few times. My tummy easily collects air (gas) and therefore it is important that you aspirate any air from my tummy through my nasal tube before my meals. Because my tummy easily bothers me I like to sleep on my tummy. But please do not wrap me too tight – I like to be able to move my hands. I'm a stubborn and strong fighter. I may be small, but I am feisty!

These are the care methods that I like:

  • I like kangaroo care, and I have had a chance to enjoy it with my parents almost every day!
  • Also music calms me down!
  • I like it when you talk to me when you take care of me; or just about any time.
  • Being held in a tucked position by firm hands comforts me when something is annoying me or when I need to have a treatment that is uncomfortable for me.
  • Often I like to grab just about anything I can reach with my hands. Cords and wires are nice.
  • I also like to have my hands free, and often I keep them close to my face.
  • My pacifier is very important to me! It is also nice to get a taste of a few drops of milk with a meal.

Example 2 Niko January 3, 2012

I am Niko. I am a small and adorable boy. I was born on January 3, 2012, at 26 +6 weeks of gestation. Now I am over a month old, and my weight is about 1.5 kg. The first three weeks I spent on life support, but now I can manage with CPAP or high-flow cannula with no additional oxygen. When they take care of me, I can make it fine with an oxygen mask or without any support for a little while. I like being tapped, and it is good for me. Suctioning is something I do not like at all, and you do not need to suction me every time that you take care of me. I still get my milk through my feeding tube, but I've already been to my mother’s breast and have had a little taste of her warm breast milk. Sometimes they give me a few drops of milk in my mouth. I like my pacifier a lot. I have often hiccups.

When you take care of me, there are some things I don’t like at all, for example undressing, or washing, or changing my diaper. I do not like to be cold, so please dress me quickly. I don’t like bright lights. I am observant when I am awake and I have a gutsy disposition. I have my own will but I can also calm down easily. When it is time to sleep, I sleep calmly and peacefully.

These are the care methods I like:

  • Kangaroo care; my parents come daily and they give me kangaroo care.
  • Being held in a tucked position by firm hands. Sometimes someone holding their hand on my head soothes and comforts me when there are some procedures that are annoying me.
  • I really like it when you brush my hair.
  • Often I bring my hands close to my face and can keep them there.
  • I like to listen when you talk to me, for example when you change my diaper.
  • I really like to grab all the wires and cords. I like to grab my father’s and mother’s fingers, too. I also like to have a comforting device (e.g. the Zaky Hand) next to me.
  • I really like my pacifier. It is also nice to get a taste of a few drops of milk with a meal.

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